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Over $100k+ Earned by Dozens of Our Students

At Beta Bowl, we don’t just educate, we empower students with the tools, resourcefulness, mentorship, and skills to build their own business(es) and pursue world-changing dreams.

Our students have done everything from win the #1 most prestigious youth entrepreneurship award in the world (the Peter Thiel Fellowship and its $100k grant) to donating 69,000+ books to kids in poverty to building 6-figure startups as teenagers. You don’t have to be a straight-A student with a 4.0 to excel in entrepreneurship or Beta Bowl. We’ve witnessed students from all over the globe, with varying competencies, a wide range of GPAs, and diverse experience levels (or lack thereof) successfully complete and enjoy Beta Bowl, as well as go on to apply these skills to massive and impressive independent pursuits and accomplishments.

Beta Bowl educates, enables, and empowers students with the skills, tools, and resources to build businesses, take projects from inception to completion, and tackle obstacles on their way to incredible achievements. We work with all students in group and 1-on-1 settings to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and equip them with analytical and problem-solving skills, robust business acumen, creative and visionary thinking, and the independent resourcefulness to confidently tackle any and every future challenge that comes their way. We aren’t just building entrepreneurs; we’re building independent achievers.

The Beta Bowl Difference

Through a practical, immersive, yet step-by-step experiential enrichment program, Beta Bowl ensures students fully understand and implement each business-building aspect they learn, empowering them to apply these principles to future ventures and endeavors on their own.


Students acquire independent resourcefulness and professional communication skills that bolster their confidence in new and challenging endeavors.

Business Acumen

By analyzing opportunities and creating their own ready-to-launch business, students develop a robust and mature business acumen, enabling them to assess and evaluate diverse opportunities.

Resume Booster

Each Beta Bowl student creates a unique set of impressive concrete business-building deliverables, in addition to CEO-level soft skills that will set their resume apart.


Beta Bowl students have 24-7 access to startup mentors, ensuring they get every question answered and receive custom-tailored feedback based on their individual question and business.

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