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As featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Medium, and more!

We’ve had over 450+ students successfully complete our programs and build businesses in the past few months!
Of those students, over a dozen have been featured in the press. Some of our students have:

  • Gone on to top colleges, gained substantial scholarships, been accepted to prestigious entrepreneurship programs (Stanford’s Summer Session, Drexel’s LeBow Camp Business), and won over $40k+ in business and pitch competitions!
  • Others have started multiple businesses, even non-profits – one student used her Beta Bowl experience to begin a literacy-related non-profit that’s already donated over 69,000+ books to students in need and gotten 1,000+ volunteers involved – in just the past six months! Alana’s impressive philanthropic contributions have been headlined in The Chicago Journal, ABC7 (2x), The Kelly Clarkson Show, Los Angeles Daily News, LA Wire, The San Francisco Post, California Herald, VoyageNY, and more!
  • One student turned her passion for slime into a 5-revenue-stream, 80% profit margin business and was profitable during the program and was featured in The Chicago Journal!
  • Another student used Beta Bowl as inspiration to fuel her science-related pursuits, and was recently featured in Forbes, herself! Raina went on to win over $25k+ in national competitions, launched a business around her patented invention (the varroa mite entryway to protect the vulnerable honeybee population), HiveGuard, to 4,300+ pre-orders, and while her invention undergoes global testing, she’s launched a second business, QueenBee, which she’s already successfully gotten onto Whole Foods shelves!
  • Our former student, Raina, was also awarded the Peter Thiel Fellowship, as one of its youngest recipients, receiving $100,000 towards her entrepreneurial pursuits and 2 years of mentorship from the Peter Thiel Fellowship network (sponsored by billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel). The Peter Thiel Fellowship is widely regarded as the most prestigious youth-focused entrepreneurship award globally.
  • Recent former student, Alex, was named a quarter-finalist in the Code Launch competition for her B2B and B2C gamified marketing and shopping app (featured in Market Daily). She was subsequently accepted into UPenn‘s selective (application-only) summer business leadership program.
  • Krish, a recent Beta Bowl graduate, is merging his passion for computer science and technology with his newfound entrepreneurial skillset and aiming to turn his facial recognition software project into a B2B business to help out schools, hospitals, and brick-and-mortar stores operate during the pandemic. He was recently featured in Business Insider and Yahoo Finance along with Alana, our literacy-focused student.
  • Justin, a social-media-savvy student with a large following went on to build a video editing and branding company and has since acquired 8 large clients, edited over 200 videos, and amassed over 5 million views for those clients – you can read about him in the American Reporter here.
  • We’ve also been fortunate enough to hire on three of our former students as interns, who have spearheaded some very cool new products at the intersection of entrepreneurship, entertainment, games, and education…more to come on these in the future! Arun, our lead intern, was featured in The US News!
  • Former Beta Bowl pitch competition co-winner, Varun, has gone on to partner with a few freshmen peers to build and launch a trading indicator and quant trading bot, under their company Focus Group Equities, and in just a few months, they’ve already amassed 3,000 monthly paying subscribers! You can read about Varun and Focus Group Equities in Business Insider!
  • Some students have even built businesses with a charitable component and to address a newly-emerging need during these challenging and disruptive times in our world – including a mask-decorating subscription kit for immunocompromised children…and the list goes ON!
Beta Bowl teens learn the valuable skills to build a business, at a time when entrepreneurship may be the best job security

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Student Testimonials

“I thought it was going to be a cool learning experience and it was, but it was way more than I expected. This class is a great way to put your ideas in place and really understand how to run a business.”

– Aster H., MD
High School Sophomore

“I came into this program having no idea where to start; just weeks later I have a business that’s almost ready to launch.”

– Jordan K., MA
High School Junior

“It was amazing to be able to learn more about making my own product! At first, I was nervous, considering I did not have my idea to start off, but this was an awesome experience!”

– Cara G., NJ
High School Freshman

“Beta Bowl is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn what it takes & how to start your own business.”

– Andrew Z., MI
High School Senior

“I was very impressed with how accessible my Beta Bowl mentors were and willing to answer my questions at any moment.”

– Sydney S., NJ
High School Junior

“I enjoyed every step along the way and learned a lot from this course. Through Beta Bowl, my eyes opened to the world of business and I am more interested in learning the field.”

– Saketh K., VA
High School Sophomore

“It was a lot more helpful than I expected. I really enjoyed it, and I would def recommend it.”

– Rachel E., DC
High School Freshman

“When I entered, I wasn’t expecting much, but they completely blew me away with how focused and targeted it could get. I would take it again.”

– Nathan F., NC
High School Sophomore

“Beta Bowl is a great business and overall financial learning tool with fantastic resources that also last you a lifetime.”

– Sydney SH., TX
High School Junior

“I learned so much over a short period of time and I recommend it to any teen interested in business who wants to learn more.”

– Joe H., OH
High School Freshman

“Any teenagers looking to become an entrepreneur should go through this program before jumping right into starting up their business.”

– Morgan D., IL
High School Junior

“Beta Bowl gave me the opportunity to learn a lot more about entrepreneurship…because of the program, I am now equipped with the tools to start any successful business.”

– Sahil C., CA
High School Sophomore

“Beta Bowl is a great class for a high school student to learn how to effectively start a business. It takes you step by step and you learn so much in a short amount of time. I’d totally recommend this class to my peers!”

– Lana R., CA
High School Junior

“After the course, I have learned more about marketing, strategy, and finance through face to face conversations than I could have learned in all of the other programs out there combined!”

– Sid K., NY
High School Senior

“This program far exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend it to other friends. Beta Bowl is great learning experience to learn about the creation of building a business.”

– Sophia L., MA
High School Freshman

“The program exceeded my expectations by providing a good experience while being filled with knowledge. This was a chance to think and take risk.”

– Lucas G., NJ
High School Sophomore

“The experience was a lot more hands on than I was expecting, I especially enjoyed making the launch page and the financial model. This program is perfect if you are starting with just an idea and want to make a solid business plan surrounding it.”

– Bailey H., TX
High School Senior

“It went beyond my expectations and made launching a company easy. I enjoyed the program and would probably mention it to people I know interested in launching a company. Beta Bowl is an experience that truly helps you in launching the company of your choice. You even have calls with your mentor for any questions that you have which makes launching a company even easier.”

– Kaitly L., PA
7th Grader (Middle School)

“Beta Bowl has guided me to finally starting my business after months of being stuck on the idea. Thank you for all of the skills and techniques that I have learned to launch my business. Yesterday I completed the first sale and by the end of today I should have another 2 completed!”

– Justin L., NJ
High School Junior

“If you’re looking for a fun program to do and have for your teen then totally go to the website Beta Bowl, its an enjoyable program with twist and turns that will surprise you.”

– Amber R., TX
High School Senior

“It was much more informative and hands on and allowed me to go through the process of creating a business in more detail than I thought. If you want to truly learn how to run a business Beta Bowl is for you.”

– Stephanie L., TX
High School Sophomore

“I learned a lot more than I expected I would, and I would recommend. It’s a very informative and enjoyable experience.”

– Sparsh P., NJ
High School Senior

“I thought it was super fun. I would recommend. They will walk you through everything, but you still have a lot of freedom to make your business about whatever you choose. Do it because even if you don’t like what you come out with, you still have that experience and knowledge of how to start a business from the ground up.”

– Madi D., UT
High School Sophomore

“Beta Bowl was an innovative experience that provides an advantage to teens which prepares them for future entrepreneurship. I thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience – everything was great!”

– Kaley B., NC
High School Junior

“This experience was great! Very helpful in starting a business!”

– Dominic A., WA
High School Sophomore

“I definitely learned a lot more about what it takes to start a business than I though! Some of the processes were easier than I expected and some more difficult but overall I enjoyed the program and felt like I benefited from it! I think anyone who wants to learn more about business would also enjoy it.”

– Maddie N., PA
High School Junior

“It’s a great learning experience, especially for high schoolers getting ready to go to college soon! This makes me more confident in starting and running a business in the future.​

– Elliot S., WA
High School Junior

“This program was a very interesting experience even for someone like myself who has no motivation to start a business.​ I enjoyed this program and would recommend it to others who may be considering it.

– Maya P., OR
High School Freshman

“Beta Bowl was an amazing experience that I wish I could relive. My startup mentor was always there when I needed them, and because of this program I am now on the path to a million dollar business. Thank you Beta Bowl!”

– Addison L., WA
High School Freshman

“My expectations going in was that this was going to be a do-it-yourself type of course with little interaction, however, the mentors were quick to respond to questions, and really explained and guided us through the course, which was super helpful​. You learn so many business skills and entrepreneurship skills that you can apply to the real world, it’s definitely worth signing up for​.

– Sem B., WA
High School Junior

“It went a lot better than expected! I thought that going in I would be lost and not be able to get help but I feel like I was really supported and got all of the help I needed​. I thought it was an amazing program that really helps your dream turn into reality. I would definitely recommend it to others​. I went into Beta Bowl with no clue what I would like to do and came out with a business. I definitely see myself using everything I have learned from Beta Bowl in my future and it was such a good experience.​

– Grace M., MN
High School Sophomore

“Beta Bowl exceeded my expectations. They helped get me through the first steps of starting my business. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to friends. If you have an idea for a business, Beta Bowl is a great program that will help turn your idea into a functioning business.”

– Taylor B., VA
High School Junior

“This program exceeded my expectations because it was more engaging than I had anticipated. I did enjoy it and would recommend. I would say it was helpful in understanding the steps to start a business. The financial model was extremely helpful because it covered everything possible in a simple way.”

– Larissa D., NJ
High School Junior

Beta Bowl graduate Alana on The Kelly Clarkson Show, discussing her philanthropic venture, Bookworm Global

What Parents Are Saying

For the first time ever, we’re bringing the skill that colleges value most right into teens’ living rooms. Even college professors are raving about this program, and it’s guaranteed to give students a leg up in many ways…college applications are just one.

“I don’t know a parent who wouldn’t jump on this for their kid” – Jim Kitchen, a College Business School Professor, Father, Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor

Beta Bowl is NOT your average extracurricular. This program is REAL-WORLD enrichment that teaches teens to understand, evaluate, and build businesses! From analytical thinking to financial modeling, the teens are getting a SOLID business education and highly desirable skill set in these 12 weeks.

“As an entrepreneur who graduated with a business degree, I wish I had been lucky enough to participate in a program like Beta Bowl, which would have given me a real leg up on starting my first business. Kids need this, and the earlier they learn entrepreneurial skills, the better.”
– Vikram S., Founder & CEO at PT Wired

“My mom [Former Vice Chancellor of a Top Public University] would 100% have wanted me to do that. I mean, she’d pay more for something like Beta Bowl than for an SAT tutor or college prep counselor.”
– Alex M., College Sophomore

“As an athletic coach and a dad, I know how important getting into the right college is. I also know just how valuable business and entrepreneurship skills are to our kids’ futures and careers. I’d recommend Beta Bowl to any and all parents out there. “
– Ron U., Father and Former Baseball Coach

“I did a similar program the summer prior to Beta Bowl, and the biggest difference with Beta Bowl is that we get so much more 1-on-1 help on the calls. Also, the college recommendation letter aspect is really cool – the fact that it’s personalized to each student’s journey is a big plus. Parents don’t always realize how important recommendation letters are, but had I known the letters would be customized like that and would highlight my strengths and progress throughout Beta Bowl, I would’ve definitely taken advantage of this opportunity.
– Raina J., High School Junior and Beta Bowl Student

“The calls are really helpful, especially the 1-on-1 guidance. The group calls are also helpful to get feedback from other peers. I was looking for a program like this, and some of the comparable ones were $8k or more, so Beta Bowl was a no-brainer. “
– Zaid A., High School Sophomore and Beta Bowl Student

“I’m going into music production, but I know a ton of business students who would have LOVED to do that. Also, getting into college is super competitive these days, so I think for the recommendation alone, it would be worth it.”
– Natalie S., College Senior

My ears perked up when I heard the college recommendation. I have a daughter who’s a junior in high school, and that’s all we’re worrying about now. I paid over $10k just to have her go to a summer program for acting so she can get a recommendation from the acting coach. I would have EASILY paid $3k or more for Beta Bowl and the college recommendation letter for her.
– Jim K., Professor of Entrepreneurship, Father, Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor

“This is the type of program that kids need before they go to college. Not only for the college recommendation – sure, that’s a cherry on top, but also building a real business. These are skills kids don’t get in school.
– Tina M., Mother of two and Registered Nurse

“I’m not a business major, but the program sounds really cool, and the college recommendation letter alone would get me. We already spend so much time between extracurriculars and applying to scholarshipswhy not do a program that gets us both and a recommendation letter? Can I do it even though I’m in college now?”
– Talya G., College Freshman

Feedback from a few other students on their Beta Bowl experience

It exceeded my expectations. I went into this program thinking it would just be a typical online class, but it is so interactive, and gives room for creativity and out of the box thinking.

Nishanth K., MD, Above 12th Grade

This program provides a great hands-on approach to the most important aspects of building a successful business.

Jessica T., CA, 12th Grade

I enjoyed learning about how to successfully creating a startup, and would recommend Beta Bowl to anyone wanting to start their own business

Joshua B., TX, 11th Grade

I loved Beta Bowl my expectations were definitely met, and I learned so many new things. I thought that Beta Bowl was an amazing learning experience and got so much out of it.

Amelia W., OR, 10th Grade

It gives you everything but the real world experience, it’s amazing.

Alex M., CA, 10th Grade

The course was definitely more in depth than I initially thought it would be. I would recommend beta bowl, but only to any over achiever friends. This is definitely a in depth course and completely sets you up to launch a company or sets you up with enough knowledge to start a company in the future.

Annabelle W., KY, 11th Grade

It was so much greater and put together than I had expected. I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to all of my friends for future programs. It is a great learning experience for students who are looking into studying business and even more specifically, entrepreneurial studies to see if it is fit for them!

Lauren M., WA, 12th Grade

Beta bowl definitely met my expectations, and it was more thorough than I expected which is great, and I would also recommend it. The two week Beta Bowl program was educational and fun, and the daily calls were informative and open-ended. The program made it simple to build your company with step by step instructions which allowed you to take any business direction.

Eric B., TX, 12th Grade

The experience was definitely a lot more helpful than I expected it to be. At first, I didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely got a lot out of it. I would say the course is definitely worth it and it really helped to drive my passion in business.

Shaan D., TX, 12th Grade

Exactly what I expected- it was great! I definitely enjoyed and I would highly recommend to others. It’s a great way to start your own successful business!

Shira C., NY, 10th Grade

The experience was much better than my expectations going in. I thought it would be more lectures, and less actual work to do alone. I enjoyed that i got to hear the “lectures” and then incorporate the skills learned on the worksheets, and to launching my own business. I loved it and would recommend to my peers. Beta bowl teaches life skills that are useful in the real world, that school would never teach. It teaches you how to think for yourself, be resourceful, and that there isn’t one correct answer to something, like how it is in school.

Chloe L., NY, 9th Grade

It is a fun educational program that lets you make your idea into a reality, and I would recommend it to others.

Will M., NY, 9th Grade

I learned a lot more than I thought I was and came out of Beta Bowl with a full financial/business model that started with an idea. What surprised me was how self-paced the program was and how I was challenged by figuring out certain problems and questions by myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the Beta Bowl program and would recommend it. It was a great learning experience, especially for someone who is interested in business. Throughout Beta Bowl, I learned how to turn my idea into a reality. I came into the class with a few ideas and left ready to launch a business in just weeks.

Surina A., MN, 12th Grade

I thought this was just some summer camp, but it is a lot more than that. It’s a great course with lots of good information to know even if you are not starting a business.

Soahum S., GA, 11th Grade

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I learned a lot every week and would definitely recommend the course to anyone because it really doesn’t matter what experience level you are at, there is always something to work on and there is a lot of material to learn from. I feel like anyone can really make the experience their own, so it is great for anyone. This is a perfect program for anyone because it is a valuable experience no matter what experience level you have. There is always something to learn about and you can pick your own journey.

Divij K., MA, 12th Grade

I found it very interesting and relevant, and it was a great tool to get my business started. I would recommend it to other entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. Beta Bowl is an interesting immersive business building program that can teach you the things that you need to know about running a business in this current time.

Andrew B., FL, 9th Grade

I’m so glad I decided to give Beta Bowl a chance and use this as experience to see if business is a field I would be interested in pursuing further in college. After completing this course, I have realized how much these types of topics interest me, and it is almost as if these topics come naturally to me. I was able to discover that starting a business isn’t rocket science. Anyone who has done plenty of planning and preparation can start a successful business no matter their age or background.

Bhairavi C., GA, 11th Grade