Virtual Entrepreneurship Programs For Teens

Beta Bowl is the number one virtual entrepreneurship enrichment program for
motivated teens, future entrepreneurs & the teens behind the next big thing!


Enroll your teen in the #1 Virtual Enrichment Program and give them a unique online, interactive, business-building experience that will also be a great resume booster and college application differentiator.

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We’ve created hundreds of teen entrepreneurs and seen countless impressive accomplishments! Some of our students have:

  • Gone on to top colleges, gained substantial scholarships (millions), been accepted to prestigious entrepreneurship programs (Stanford’s Summer Session, Drexel’s LeBow Camp Business, UPenn’s Business Leadership), and won $100k+ in business and pitch competitions!
  • Others have started multiple businesses, even non-profits – one student used her Beta Bowl experience to begin a literacy-related non-profit that’s already donated over 69,000+ books to students in need and gotten 1,000+ volunteers involved, and been featured on national TV!
  • One student turned her passion for slime into a 5-revenue-stream, 80% profit margin business and was profitable during the program!
  • Another student used Beta Bowl as inspiration to fuel her science-related pursuits, and was recently featured in Forbes, herself!
  • Have won the Peter Thiel Fellowship – as the youngest recipient, including a $100k grant and globally esteemed award!
  • We’ve also been fortunate enough to hire on three of our former students as interns, who are working on some very cool new products!
  • Some students have even built businesses with a charitable component and to address a newly-emerging need during these challenging and disruptive times in our world – including a mask-decorating subscription kit for immunocompromised children…and the list goes ON!
(Plus, teens will learn the valuable skills to build a business, at a time when entrepreneurship may be the best job security)

The #1 Virtual Entrepreneurial Enrichment Program for Teens

Secure Your Teen's Future by Giving Them the Tools to Succeed in College, Business, and Life!

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Virtual Online Entrepreneurial Enrichment Program Teaches Teens How to Build Businesses!

Beta Bowl provides teens with an impressive, outcome-focused extracurricular, weekly calls and individual assistance (group and 1-on-1), and students come away with a wealth of knowledge, an impressive resume booster, a Successful Completion Certificate, and a College Recommendation Letter
(and feedback from real investors that has helped students win thousands from pitch competitions)

What Will Students Learn From Our Virtual Entrepreneurship Programs?

A custom multi-pronged marketing plan, tailored to your business idea. Students will learn about sales funnels, diversification, and lead generation through sales conversion.

A website, landing page, and/or MVP (minimum viable product) or mockup, ready for beta launch! This is what makes your idea a living, breathing, business ready for customers (and investors)!

Custom and dynamic financial model, based on your business idea and marketing plan. You’ll be equipped with the skills to adapt this to any future business, and this will be a key component of your investor pitch.

Assigned startup mentor for weekly working calls. Your mentor will coach you through every step of turning your idea into an MVP and help prepare you for the end-of-session startup competition and future pitches!

A custom professional investor pitch deck, which you’ll submit to the end-of-session startup competition, for real entrepreneur and investor feedback!

Participants receive a Successful Completion Certificate, and Platinum participants receive a custom letter of recommendation (from the Beta Bowl founder and CEO), specific to their journey throughout the program, which can be a huge differentiator in their college applications.

Beta Bowl students have placed in and won millions in awards and funding from:

A few universities and institutions represented by Beta Bowl startup mentors, speakers, and alumni:

Student Testimonials

“I joined Beta Bowl as a team with two of my classmates. We’ve worked together and won multiple startup competitions before, but through Beta Bowl we learned so much about entrepreneurship that we didn’t know going into the program. We ended up creating a company in the pet health and tech space, and once we prove our concept, we plan to move beyond pet health into other service areas. We also have friends who participated in other startup programs at universities that were a lot more expensive, and in comparison, I think we got even more out of Beta Bowl than our friends did from those other programs.”

– Arun E., High School Senior (TX)

“I did a similar program the summer prior to Beta Bowl, and the biggest difference with Beta Bowl is that we get so much more 1-on-1 help on the calls. Also, the college recommendation letter aspect is really cool – the fact that it’s personalized to each student’s journey is a big plus. Parents don’t always realize how important recommendation letters are, but had I known the letters would be customized like that and would highlight my strengths and progress throughout Beta Bowl, I would’ve definitely taken advantage of this opportunity.”

– Raina J., High School Junior (CT)

“The calls are really helpful, especially the 1-on-1 guidance. The group calls are also helpful to get feedback from other peers. I was looking for a program like this, and some of the comparable ones were $8k or more, so Beta Bowl was a no-brainer. I think Beta Bowl is a great as an extracurricular, but it’s also really cool that we come away with a real business. Since I still have time before I apply to colleges, I plan to expand my business beyond the program, so I’m starting to approach universities and college students about my offer, since my business is geared towards students on college campuses.”

– Zaid A., High School Sophomore (TX)

“I thought it was going to be a cool learning experience and it was, but it was way more than I expected. This class is a great way to put your ideas in place and really understand how to run a business.”

– Aster H., MD
High School Sophomore

“I came into this program having no idea where to start; just weeks later I have a business that’s almost ready to launch.”

– Jordan K., MA
High School Junior

“It was amazing to be able to learn more about making my own product! At first, I was nervous, considering I did not have my idea to start off, but this was an awesome experience!”

– Cara G., NJ
High School Freshman

“Beta Bowl is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn what it takes & how to start your own business.”

– Andrew Z., MI
High School Senior