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Beta Bowl offers virtual online and interactive entrepreneurial enrichment programs for motivated teens. The program is comprised of 27+ online video lessons, accompanying weekly tasks, group calls, and 1-on-1 calls with a startup mentor. Students get weekly step-by-step instruction, with practical, hands-on implementation and take an idea from inception to ready-to-launch business. At the end of the session, the students come away with a unique business plan, marketing strategy, completed financial model, investor pitch deck, and viable real-life business. Not only is the program a great resume booster, but it also equips teens with a host of impressive skills that colleges are seeking in successful applicants. Our programs culminate in a professional investor pitch deck, for which students receive individual feedback from real investors, as well as ongoing guidance to compete in subsequent pitch competitions (sometimes winning 5- and 6-figures), raise funding, and launch profitable ventures. Teens on our Platinum package receive a custom college recommendation letter written by the Beta Bowl founder and CEO, specific to their unique journey, progress, and accomplishments.

Virtual Online Entrepreneurial Enrichment Program teaches teens how to build businesses!

Beta Bowl provides teens with an impressive, outcome-focused extracurricular, concrete deliverables, weekly startup mentor calls and individual assistance (group and 1-on-1), and students come away with a wealth of knowledge, an impressive resume booster, a Successful Completion Certificate, and for 1-on-1 students, a College Recommendation Letter
(plus feedback from real investors + a host of entrepreneurial, college, and career-focused bonuses)

Program Highlights

Hands-On Activities: Unlike the classroom learning experience, Beta Bowl is all about implementation and putting what students learn into practice in real life. That’s exactly what students do throughout this entrepreneurial extracurricular program. Each weekly lesson is accompanied by multiple hands-on tasks that take students one step closer to turning their idea into a living, breathing, thriving, and profitable business. These hands-on tasks include real-life idea validation, customer research, building a mockup, functional prototype, or landing page for their business to present to potential customers and investors, building a complete financial model to illustrate the business’s projected revenue and profit, and a professional pitch deck ready for review by real investors. Beta Bowl students don’t just learn about business; they build one themselves.

Startup Mentorship: Teens don’t participate in Beta Bowl alone – in addition to their peers going through the program, they get individual attention, feedback, and guidance from experienced Startup Mentors who have built businesses themselves. The Startup Mentors include full-time entrepreneurs, top business school students, and the Beta Bowl founder. Every week these mentors host group and 1-on-1 calls to imbue their expertise and assist on your student’s entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, students on the Gold and Platinum packages get 24-hour email support from their startup mentors, so no matter their question or request for feedback or assignment review, teens have an expert mentor at their fingertips, just a call or an email away. Multiple teens who have gone through the Beta Bowl program have touted the 1-on-1 mentorship as the biggest benefit of the program, and they’ve referred to the individual calls and feedback as “invaluable” and “access to a wealth of knowledge” that leads to both ah-ha moments for their businesses and an augmented learning experience overall.

End-of-Session Startup Competitions: Beta Bowl programs are designed as 4-, 6-, and 12-week programs, with additional (optional) bonus lessons and exercises (valued at over $400+). At the end of each session, students will receive individual feedback on their pitch decks, and they may choose to submit their Beta Bowl business plan and pitch deck to subsequent business competitions or to highlight their accomplishments on a college, scholarship, or internship application. Participants may submit their completed pitch deck and optional pitch video or supplementary materials to our team of real investors and entrepreneurs who review, judge, and offer specific individual feedback and suggestions for each submission. Students may leverage our team’s feedback and guidance in submitting to subsequent pitch competitions, and from time to time, Beta Bowl hosts in-house pitch competitions and pitch expos, awarding as much as $1500 in prize funding to winning students and assisting in PR placements to highlight student accomplishments. Students also benefit from access to the Beta Bowl startup and venture capital network for help launching and expanding their businesses in the future. Whether a teen wants to become an entrepreneur and go full-time with their business or simply hopes to gain a great learning experience and try their hand at entrepreneurship, pitch competitions and investor feedback are great ways for students to realize their hard work and see just how real investors would view their business. Who knows, your teen may come out with a business that becomes or spearheads their future career?

What You’ll Gain

Financial Literacy: Beta Bowl gets down to the nuts-and-bolts of building a business, and that includes the financial side of things. Students don’t need any prior knowledge coming into the program, but when they leave, they will have a deep understanding of financial projections and building a profitable business on a budget. We teach students the necessary elements of any business, the cost drivers, and their revenue-generating counterparts, and we equip them to put profit at the forefront of their spending. Additionally, we put a great focus on idea validation, concept testing, prototyping, and pre-selling before spending money on tech or manufacturing to ensure that when our students do build businesses in the future, they make sound financial decisions and never “break the bank” before locking in sales. Furthermore, students will come away with an understanding of financial modeling, and they will create a custom financial model that reflects the budget and projections for their Beta Bowl business. These are skills students can use in the real world, whether in a college business class, when planning their own personal investments, or when building a future business.

Business Professionalism and Confidence: Beta Bowl doesn’t just give teens the tools and resources to build a financial model and pitch deck; it also cultivates their professionalism and confidence in their own entrepreneurial abilities along the way. The weekly calls are conducted just like startup meetings with entrepreneurs and investors, and teens are encouraged to present their unique viewpoints when discussing tweaks and changes to their businesses. Teens develop the confidence to voice their opinions, make educated suggestions and informed decisions, and present their findings and business-building progress on each group and individual call, as well as in their pitch deck and optional video. Many participants who have completed the program have developed a deeper passion for entrepreneurship, and with the professionalism and confidence they’ve acquired throughout the program, some have gone on to expand their beta businesses, pursue funding, and plan to make a career out of entrepreneurship.

Innovation Potential: Students come into Beta Bowl from diverse backgrounds, with varying levels of experience, and different business ideas. However, regardless of whether they come into the program with 10 ideas or none, they come out with a proven process for finding, testing, and validating their ideas. In fact, most students end up deciding between two or three ideas and planning to revisit the runner-up ideas in the future, when building another business. Entrepreneurship isn’t just a tangible skill set or a formula for profitability; it’s a way of thinking and a creative, but educated approach to planning, evaluating, and launching a business. That’s exactly what students learn and put into practice, and after going through Beta Bowl and developing the analytical mindset, problem-solving skills, and business acumen we help instill, they come away with the innovation potential to become serial entrepreneurs, building, launching, and growing successful business after business in the future.

A Note From Our Founder

Hi, I’m Rachel Greenberg – a Wall Street investment banker turned full-time entrepreneur and startup consultant. I’ve been working with startups for the past decade, and I’ve helped create and implement marketing strategies, investor pitch decks, and rebranding campaigns that have collectively reached millions of customers, earned millions+ in funding, and generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue. (A few of them got acquired for 7 and 8 figure valuations in the past few years, and one got a deal on Shark Tank, and a couple have been featured in the Oprah Magazine!)

My story in a nutshell:

  • » Named one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2020 in Yahoo Finance (here)
  • » Business degree in finance + entrepreneurship from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • » Began my career at JP Morgan, Piper Jaffray, & Wells Fargo (asset management and M&A investment banking)
  • » Co-founded a college-geared company that exited in 2016
  • » Hired my former co-founders as the development team on my second company, which I sold to an operator-investor 3 years later
  • » Solo-founded and launched 3 different digital companies in 1 year
  • » Built the Zero-to-60 digital business accelerator program to help first-time entrepreneurs go from idea to business in 60 days
  • » Created Beta Bowl as an educational enrichment program to introduce entrepreneurship to driven teens and future founders
  • » Consulted and advised over 500+ entrepreneurs and successfully created 400+ teen entrepreneurs during the pandemic
  • » Named a “Top Writer” on Medium in the topics: “Startup“, “Business“, and “Entrepreneurship” – contributor to three major business-focused publications: The Startup, Entrepreneurs’ Handbook, and Better Marketing

Learning from Feedback

After hosting Beta Bowl focus groups with live sessions for students all over the country and running the program by university business majors and professors, I got 2 pieces of feedback.

1) The current business students WISHED they had this program back when they were in high school, and

2) this is a program that would look great and be a huge differentiator for candidates on college applications and resumes.

Results – A Robust, Hands-on Program

We took that feedback, along with the suggestions from our focus group students, and created a program that gives students a robust, hands-on learning (and DOING) experience, gives them an IMPRESSIVE differentiator to include on their resumes and college applications, and gives them a unique custom recommendation letter that sets them apart and highlights their particular growth, progress, and achievement building their own business in the Beta Bowl program.

I’ve founded and continue to run a handful of businesses day-to-day, but Beta Bowl is one I’m most proud of, as I believe we have the potential to make the largest impact on the entire generation of future entrepreneurs, business people, leaders, and change-makers. This program is for EVERYONE, and I can’t wait to get it into the hands of as many motivated teens as possible.”

– Rachel Greenberg, Beta Bowl Founder & CEO


Beta Bowl is an extracurricular enrichment program for adolescents, teens, and young adults who have an interest in startups and entrepreneurship. The program is broken up into three sessions (4-week group, 6-week rolling 1-on-1, and 12-week rolling platinum 1-on-1), during which participating students will have the hands-on experience of taking an idea from inception to minimum viable product, ready to launch (and launch it in beta), as well as complete an investor pitch deck and learn every aspect of building, marketing, and pitching a business. 

Beta Bowl is both an educational experience and a real-world introduction to building a business. The program covers everything from marketing to branding to business models and startup finance. Participants will be guided through every step of turning their idea into a reality on weekly group calls (4-Week Group Immersions) and by their 1-on-1 startup mentor (6-Week 1-on-1 and 12-Week Platinum), with whom they will have weekly working calls. Startup mentors will provide strategic advice, as well as technical alternatives and easy-to-implement resources to enable participants to bring their ideas to life, regardless of the idea’s niche or industry. (no additional expenses required)

P.S. Students don’t need an idea or product coming into Beta Bowl – they will be coached and given the tools and resources to prepare a sound business idea, service, or product and bring it to fruition. (Idea exploration and validation are a part of week 1 of the Beta Bowl curriculum)

Beta Bowl is founded and run by current entrepreneurs and investors who have real-life experience, building, scaling, and selling companies.

All Beta Bowl participants will receive a Successful Completion Certificate and will come away with a full portfolio of their business-building projects, all of which can be a great addition to a resume and college application. Platinum participants will also receive a custom letter of recommendation from the Beta Bowl founder and CEO, specific to their journey throughout the program, which can be a huge asset and differentiator in their college applications.

Each Beta Bowl session with culminate in completed investor pitch deck, to be evaluated by a team of entrepreneur and investor judges for review, feedback, scoring, and possibly funding. The startup judges are qualified investors and successful entrepreneurs, and they will assess ideas based on soundness of the business plan, profitability of the financial model, actual progress to date (i.e. beta launch traction and feedback from target customers) in selecting a winner. Students may submit their Beta Bowl pitch deck to subsequent competitions or scholarships, and Beta Bowl from time to time announces and hosts in-house competitions, in which we award up to a dozen students $1500 in funding. (Based on volume of participants and the quality of pitches received, additional prize funding may be awarded, as well as media coverage, fundraising, and live launches facilitated.)

No! Every participant in Beta Bowl will be coached and guided every step of the way and given all the necessary tools and resources to turn their idea into a viable business and launch it! There is no advanced math involved, and the simple startup math included in the financial model will be thoroughly explained to all participants. All calculations will be handled in excel. There is also no need for participants to have any advanced technical or coding skills. If they do, that’s fine and they can use those in their startup if they choose, but participants will have just as good a chance of success in startups and in Beta Bowl lacking that knowledge.

Success in entrepreneurship is really not about IQ or any specific skill-set taught in schools (like math or science), though those skills CAN influence bright and ambitious entrepreneurs and help them on their journey to success.

Yes! You can participate as many times as you want! That said, you will be given all the tools and resources, as well as 1-on-1 mentorship, to take your idea to launch each time. If you are a repeat participant with the same idea, we can provide you a customized “advanced” curriculum for you.

Yes – here’s how these calls work: After submitting their intake form, Gold and Platinum participants will be matched up with a startup mentor and given a milestone tracker (along with their other intake materials). Each week, the students will have calls with their mentor (via phone, Zoom video chat, or Skype video) that will move participants forward in turning their idea into an MVP – some weeks will focus on market research, the financial model, the marketing strategy, the pitch deck, etc. The calls, along with the milestone tracker, keep all participants on track so they come away with their completed MVP, financial model, marketing plan, pitch deck, and are prepared for the end-of-session startup competition.

If a participant wants his or her parents to sit in on the calls (OR if a parent wants to be present for the calls), that is completely fine. If a parent wants to be more involved in their teen’s startup, that’s great, but throughout the Beta Bowl session, we will be sure to equip all participants (the teens) to build and launch their own business. That’s the goal. :)

The startup mentors assigned to each Beta Bowl enrollee (or team) are full-time entrepreneurs, investors, and/or top business school performers at esteemed universities who have a proven and impressive entrepreneurial background (such as selling companies before the age of 25, launching apps to tens of thousands of paid downloads, buying and selling companies for hundreds of millions of dollars on Wall Street, and running 6 and 7+ figure businesses even as teens, young adults, or from their dorm rooms). Some of our mentors have backgrounds in finance, some have come from accelerators, and some have transitioned from entrepreneur to investor/advisor.

A note to parents (and students): We vet every startup mentor for their academic acuity and personal integrity – mentors include entrepreneurs and current top performers at esteemed business schools. Additionally, Beta Bowl student participants have opportunities to give feedback along the way to ensure they’re getting the positive learning experience and value add from their weekly mentor sessions.
*Select participants will be mentored by Rachel Greenberg, the Beta Bowl founder & CEO, based on her availability at the student’s time of enrollment.

What if I want to guarantee Rachel as my student’s mentor or get a higher level of ongoing support?
Please send an email to info@beta-bowl.com with the subject line “CONCIERGE” to inquire about options and pricing for concierge mentoring with Rachel Greenberg. We are able to customize the program to best meet you and your teen’s needs and requests.

Participants can sign up solo or with friends as a “team” if they’d like to build one startup together (in which case the weekly calls can be group calls with all team members). You will each enroll individually, but in your application (which you will receive just after enrolling), you will be asked to select “Solo” or “Team” participant, and if you select “Team” will indicate the name and email address of your friend(s) who you would like to work with. Teams of any size can be accommodated, but most successful startups began with founding teams of 5 or fewer members.

As a Beta Bowl enrollee, you will be given all the tools you need to build and launch your MVP. That said, there are always multiple options (paid and unpaid) when it comes to getting a product or website built. IF you choose to spend additional money on bringing your idea to life, that is completely fine and up to you, BUT your startup mentor will always give you FREE alternative tools and resources you can use to accomplish the goals of the program and take your idea from zero to pitch-ready (and market ready).

The only tools students need access to include:

  • A computer with internet (to access video lessons and collaborate)
  • Excel or Numbers (to access and complete the financial model tasks)
  • PPT, Keynote, or similar presentation editing program (pitch deck tasks)
  • Email (and optionally phone OR computer audio chat) for weekly startup mentor calls and to receive Beta Bowl communications
Beta Bowl is for adolescents, teens, and young adults, though the majority of our students range from ages 13 through 18. The program is geared towards motivated and gifted adolescents and teens who are driven, ambitious, and have an interest in business, startups, or at the least watching Shark Tank :) (or for those who simply want an impressive and unique extracurricular opportunity to stand out from the crowd in the competitive college application process)
*That said, we’ve had students as young as 11 and 12 successfully participate and excel in the program, as well as adults as old as college graduates in their mid-twenties.
**If you are unsure which program is the best fit for your student based on their age or aptitude, please reach out via email to info@beta-bowl.com and we can guide you in the right direction and accommodate unique situations on a case-by-case basis.
At the end of each Beta Bowl session, students will come away with a completed investor pitch deck and will receive a categorized score and individual feedback from our team of investor and entrepreneur judges. Students interested in entering their pitch deck into subsequent business competitions are welcome to leverage ongoing assistance from the Beta Bowl team, as well as to request introductions and guidance in raising funding, product or tech development, or in highlighting their Beta Bowl accomplishments on college applications, in internship interviews, or in scholarship essays. Beta Bowl will from time to time announce student pitch expos and competitions, in which our team may highlight or award up to a dozen students, based on their pitch deck scores and feedback. We’ve awarded thousands of dollars to students for in-house competitions, and students have gone on to win over 6-figures in subsequent national competitions, to earn millions collectively in fundraising and scholarships, and to launch their businesses to global success (with broad media coverage, impressive financials, and a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of customers).