In the past several centuries, the advent of robust educational systems and digitized information has completely changed the landscape of youth empowerment. Now, even schoolchildren can create their own path and start their own business. With the plethora of tools available online and the easy access to mentors, anyone can start the entrepreneurial track. In this blog, we’ll explore that shift and discover why young people are so excited to become their own boss.

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They Want To Change The World

The simplicity of digital platforms and the ease of access to advanced and affordable technologies has transformed business and how entrepreneurship is learned and explored. 

Firstly, the accessibility of large scale change is a motivating factor for many young students. Many digital applications and educational resources provide a path for entrepreneurs to follow. As a result, while the path to significant change may not be clear, it definitely exists. Students can empower themselves to make changes by learning how to use and manipulate tools (or even making some of these tools themselves). Because of the ubiquitous access to the internet and the fast-paced nature of technology today, even small developments and innovations can have major impacts and alter the way many people live, work, and build businesses.

In addition, the feasibility of making such a change in the world is evident to young students and motivates them to pursue large goals. For example, young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are examples of how some business training and relevant knowledge can prepare you to create a revolutionary product. Nowadays, as technological access becomes more widespread, young people can emulate the work of today’s business giants and build equally influential creations.

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They want control over their money

Women counting her money

Having control over your own stream of income and your own workplace is an understated yet essential career choice factor in today’s turbulent world. However, many young people are turning towards entrepreneurship to control both of these factors in their lives. As a business owner, young people can control their workplace – this means managing their workload, pace, and, as a result, how much money they produce and how they produce it. In addition, owning your own business lets you decide how you make money and how it is used.

Most of all, owning your own business is far more motivating. As a business owner, you see your hard work results in the form of a tangible product or service sold from the company. As a result, entrepreneurs have a stronger intrinsic desire to control their life and career trajectory, as it affords them both freedom and fulfillment.

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They really value learning skills

Given the digitization of educational resources like tutorials and textbooks, anyone can learn from the internet. As a result, young people place a higher value on independent learning and using these resources available to them. Unlike working for a company, being an entrepreneur makes learning about many different fields a must. Entrepreneurs must be scrappy; unlike a large company that can hire someone to fill any position, a business owner must wear many hats. That means learning about the product, the technical side, supply chain and logistics, marketing, human management, and more. As a result, for those young people who love to learn and continuously be challenged, working for yourself and managing others is a great way to go.

They follow their passion

At the forefront, young people are more willing to follow their passion. For many, this means being their own boss and starting their own company or entering a managerial position to work with others. Either way, working on a product of your choice or in an industry you choose is a key factor in following your own passion. Young people are more risk-tolerant, willing to exchange some level of job stability and security for a job that makes them excited. 

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They want flexibility

Girl working from home

Flexibility and stability are rarely mutually available – instead, stability for a job means sticking to a particular career path and being strategic about decisions (often with lengthy times between large career moves). 

Freelancing is an excellent example of young people opting towards flexibility rather than stability. By definition, freelancing is not stable employment – employers can be hard to find, and most customers often don’t return. However, freelancing offers a level of flexibility unmatched by most other jobs. There is no correct time to work – no clocking in or clocking out. There are no common or daily defined projects to work on – instead, whatever projects are available for employment are the ones that freelancers take on. As a result, freelancers can define their own work and choose when they take on new work.

In addition, while freelance can cause some financial anxiety (given the uncertainty of the career), it is typically better for workers’ overall health. This is because freelancers can budget their time on their own accord and choose to take on the tasks that suit them best. Overall, flexible work may diminish job stability and provide numerous benefits to one’s work-life (that may outweigh the accompanying uncertainty).


There are many reasons young people want to become their own boss: following their passion, taking advantage of all the educational tools online, increasing their own job flexibility and growth, and more. However, to take advantage of your career in that way, you must be prepared to learn an entrepreneur’s skill set. Programs like Beta Bowl’s Entrepreneurship Program can prepare you to face those challenges head-on and truly become your own boss.

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