Discovering a passion is no easy task, especially for a child who still hasn’t experienced many facets of life. As a result, as a parent, you’ll need to be there for them and be a guiding force as they discover their purpose in the world. While this may seem like a daunting task, it can truly be broken down into many small steps that will culminate in allowing your child to experience more parts of life. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways you can encourage your child to discover their passions.

Learn About The World


Learning to get from A to B, one windy afternoon in the New Forest.


The biggest obstacle for a teenager looking to discover their passion is their lack of experience – there are still many parts of their life that they haven’t experienced. As a parent, while you can’t enable them to experience some things directly, you can definitely help them get there or empathize with these ideas. As a result, you should help enroll them in as many things as possible and get them involved in many different activities to widen their existing experiences. This will make your teenager more confident in themselves and prepared to find their passion in the long run. 

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Discover Their Unique Talents

It’s rarely as easy as having your child instantly know what career they’d like to have. Instead, finding their talents is an excellent way to eventually determine their passion and long-term career path. To find their abilities, you should try to enroll your teenager in various programs and extracurricular activities. At the same time, you should let them decide what they want to do so they can discover their talents themselves, allowing you to guide them from the sidelines. In the long run, your child will have more experience and be able to identify a passion.

Lead By Example

As a parent, the best way to lead by example and encourage your child to find their own passion is to follow yours. For example, you can join clubs or organizations that match your interests rather than not participating in any activities outside of your job. A good example of this is Toastmasters, which would show your child an interest in public speaking outside of your career context. If you’re able to show your children your own interests, they’ll be more likely to participate in their own activities or maybe even show interest in yours. 

Find Part-time Job

A part-time job is an excellent way for your teenager to get involved in a career, gauging their passion for it while being in a relatively risk-free environment. As a result, having your child apply for part-time jobs or internships may help your teenager get more involved in a particular area. Conversely, a part-time job would help your child determine what they don’t like, which is just as essential during their development. Either way, you should assist your child in applying for jobs and encouraging them to work alongside their education.

Enjoy Cultural Experiences


two women performing a cultural dance


While it may not seem like a relevant experience, cultural activities can also help children find their passion. Firstly, using cultural experiences may help your child determine if they enjoy working with many cultures or in a people-focused environment. Apart from that, cultural experiences will expose your child to many different and diverse people, a good segue to finding other peoples’ passions. As a teenager, it may be hard to escape a friend group. However, by being a part of cultural groups, your teenager will experience various cultures and passions, a stepping stone to finding a career.

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Locate a Mentor

Having a mentor is extremely important for determining the nuances of one’s purpose or passion. While finding a general-purpose or area of interest is usually plausible alone, working with a mentor can help your child determine a specific path. With an idea as important as a purpose in life, having a good mentor is very useful. In addition, a mentor can help your child grow in their specific path, enabling them to learn faster than they would have without guidance. A mentor can also help you determine your child’s strengths and guide you on how to help them.

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Let Them Guide You


woman reading a book


As a parent, it may be hard to let your child drive the process of determining their passion. However, when finding one’s purpose, your teenager needs to be the one who decides what they like and what they don’t enjoy. The best way to do this is to let your child determine what activities he or she participates in, rather than trying to pick one for them or forcing them to stay in a certain activity longer than they’d like. It may be tempting to get upset if your child keeps switching between extracurriculars activities, but it is ultimately only your child who knows if they are enjoying it. In the long run, they’ll thank you for your flexibility and be able to determine their ideal purpose and career path.

Create A Vision Board

Vision boards are a fun and creative method of breaking down your child’s thought process and determine how your child can explore their ideas. For example, if your child enjoys a certain activity or extracurricular club, you can map out similar activities or a potential career path. In addition, using a vision board can help find parallels between activities and a common interest between them. By aggregating this, your child may be able to discern their passion just from the activities they’re already a part of.

Challenge Them

Allowing your child to be complicit with their current activities won’t be sufficient to help them discover a passion. While some may luck on their purpose early on, it will often take a lot of work to finally find their true purpose. Instead, you’ll have to encourage your child to try out new activities and discover new ways to excite them. As a parent, you can lead by example by trying out new things while also helping your child join new groups whenever they can. As long as you challenge them with trying new things, they’ll continue to explore their potential passions. 

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Final Thoughts

Finding a passion is an important part of life and can be extremely beneficial to do so early – if you know your passion, finding a career and discovering one’s hobbies and interests will become far easier. As a parent, you can guide your child to find their purpose and determine their true passion in life.

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