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Beta Bowl Virtual Entrepreneurial Enrichment Programs Teach Teens to Build Businesses!

Media outlets covering Beta Bowl student accomplishments; news coverage has ranged from Forbes to Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, The Kelly Clarkson Show, VoyagerNY, LA Wire, The California Herald, The Chicago Journal, and more.
Student businesses built and launched by Beta Bowl teens during the first six months of the pandemic. A few impressive student businesses we’d like to highlight: HiveGuard (Raina Jain), Focus Group Equities (Varun Muthu), Bookworm Global (Alana Weisberg).
Dollars raised by former Beta Bowl students in business competitions, grants, and scholarships in recent months. Recent Beta Bowl graduates (ranging from 15 to 19 years old) have won over $40k+ in business competitions alone and launched to 5,000+ pre-orders.

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The #1 virtual extracurricular program for motivated teens looking to differentiate themselves with a unique and impressive online entrepreneurial enrichment program!

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What other students and parents have to say…

“I thought it was going to be a cool learning experience and it was, but it was way more than I expected. This class is a great way to put your ideas in place and really understand how to run a business.”

– Aster H., MD
High School Sophomore

“I came into this program having no idea where to start; just weeks later I have a business that’s almost ready to launch.”

– Jordan K., MA
High School Junior

“It was amazing to be able to learn more about making my own product! At first, I was nervous, considering I did not have my idea to start off, but this was an awesome experience!”

– Cara G., NJ
High School Freshman

“Beta Bowl is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn what it takes & how to start your own business.”

– Andrew Z., MI
High School Senior

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