Limited Edition: Beta Bowl, The Game – the #1 Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Educational and Experiential Game for Adolescents, Teens, and Adults!


Learn what it takes to build, grow, and sell companies, and operate like a real CEO and Venture Capitalist with the Limited Edition Beta Bowl Game. Brought to you by the  creators of the #1 Virtual Enrichment Program and college application differentiator.


Beta Bowl, The Game is a fun, experiential way to test your skills and business strategies as you build your empire, playing against friends and family.

Plus, you’ll learn the valuable skills to build a business, at a time when entrepreneurship may be the best job security.

Why wait until college (or later) to learn how to build, grow, acquire, value, and sell companies?

You don’t need to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the entrepreneurial and venture capital experience…
with Beta Bowl, The Game, you can have the experience of being your own CEO and Venture Capitalist, from the comfort of your home!

Beta Bowl, The Game is the fun + educational + interactive game that seamlessly teaches players of all ages how to build, grow, acquire, and sell companies – no MBA required!

Practical Application is the BEST Method of Education (for Knowledge Retention), and that’s exactly what players do!
Grow and Acquire Companies as you Move Around the Board
  • Think like an entrepreneur and venture capitalist to maximize the value and cash flow of your assets
  • Decide which resources to gather as you prepare to build and grow your companies
  • Build up your cash reserves and acquire other companies in your industry
  • Determine when it’s best to grow, acquire, or sell a company to maximize your net worth
  • Become a mogul in the industry of your choice, from tech to education, oil, auto, fashion, and food
  • Acquire all the companies in your chosen verticals and reap the benefits of those synergies!
Choose Your Best Course of Action Among Unforeseeable Outside Circumstances and Disasters – How Will You Fare?
  • Prepare your companies with enough resources and cash reserves to deal with the unexpected
  • Business is a mix of strategy and luck, and how you use or react to those situations that befall you
  • Experience the highs & lows of real-world scenarios and their impact on your assets, cash, & revenue
  • Learn to prepare for, cope with, and recover from the most surprising of circumstances, as the game mimics real-life decisions faced by aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned CEOs, and venture capitalists

What if you could build, grow, sell, and acquire companies, all from your own living room?
How will you and your companies deal with a natural disaster?
What resources do you need to buy or utilize?
Are you prioritizing your cash to result in the best ROI for your companies?
Build Up Your Arsenal of Valuable Resources to Equip Your Companies to Weather Every Plot Twist & Storm and Still Come Out on Top!
  • Predict which resources will yield the greatest return on investment for your companies & industries
  • Purchase or trade resources with other players, in the aim to maximize your companies’ revenue
  • Determine which companies to attribute each resource to, and which are worth more via sale or trade
  • See the multiplier effect of scale in action, as amassing a high volume of certain resources results in leaps in your company valuation
Maximize Your Companies’ Valuation, Own an Empire in Your Industry, and Determine the Total Value of Your Companies + Cash + Resources!

Just a few hours of game play will expose players to various finance and business-building concepts, and players won’t even realize they’re learning as they go!

  • Seamlessly learn about concepts like company valuation, revenue generation, and cash management
  • Fun, real-world simulation is a mix of strategy + chance, & the experience is different every time!
  • Multiple options to heighten the challenge, from winning scenarios to the chosen board path 
  • Each decision players make has an impact on their firm’s cash flow, net worth, and eventual outcome
  • Hands-on experience of building, selling, & acquiring businesses, thinking like an operator & investor
Digital Score Card Keeps Track of All the Math for You, Making Complex Topics (Resource Allocation, Revenue Calculations, Biz Valuation) Easy to Comprehend!

Most people don’t learn about company valuation until or unless they work in M&A, take an MBA-level finance course, or land a job in Venture Capital. However, these business and financial concepts and principles shouldn’t be a secret, and they don’t have to! With Beta Bowl, The Game, people of all ages can gain experiential exposure to business through both the CEO and VC perspective, and our team will be there to answer any questions and clarify, as you go.

Beta Bowl is an educational entrepreneurship company first, and every product we offer aims to further our customers’ knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship, business, finance, and venture capital, so we’re here as you need us!

This is the first and only entrepreneurship + finance + venture capital educational game brought to you by the creators of the #1 entrepreneurial education program for motivated aspiring entrepreneurs all over the country!

The Game is a mix of strategy, chance, practical decision-making, and simulates real-life business-building, owning, and selling experiences!

With Beta Bowl, The Game, you’ll do just that and more!

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The #1 educational entrepreneurship game created for aspiring, inquisitive, entrepreneurially-curious people of all ages!


Join other students interested in building businesses, understanding startups, and becoming future entrepreneurs.

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For the first time ever, we’re bringing the skill that colleges value most right into teens’ living rooms. Even college professors are raving about this program, and it’s guaranteed to give students a leg up in many ways…college applications are just one.

“I don’t know a parent who wouldn’t jump on this for their kid” – Jim Kitchen, a College Business School Professor, Father, Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor

This is REAL-WORLD enrichment that teaches you to understand, evaluate, and build businesses! From analytical thinking to financial modeling, the players are getting a SOLID business education and highly desirable skill set.


Beta Bowl, The Game is a fun, educational, interactive game that simulates real-world business-building, growing, selling, and acquiring through a multi-player, multi-industry journey. The game encompasses various aspects of entrepreneurship, finance, budgeting, resource management, strategy, a bit of real-life chance and luck (some good, some bad), and the intercompany relationships that CEOs and investors face when building their empires.

Beta Bowl, The Game is for EVERYONE interested in a unique, immersive, challenging, exciting, and surprising interactive experience that will sprinkle bits of educational knowledge along the way, as players build, grow, sell, and acquire businesses, take stock of their cash and other assets, and make strategic decisions in the face of opportunities and adversity. Beta Bowl, The Game seamlessly interweaves sophisticated business-building concepts in a player-friendly manner, broken down into plain language, that results in players learning through the experiential hands-on process of game play.

No! The game is designed for everyone, regardless of knowledge level, experience, and background. Game play alone seamlessly introduces these business, finance, and startup-related concepts through chance scenarios, player decision-making, and the digital score card, that reveals the value of each player’s businesses, resources, and cash. Even the math behind company valuations is handled by the preprogrammed digital score card, though players who are interested may dig into the mechanics of this score card, read the additional information provided, or reach out to our team to further explore the math behind the values.

The game is designed for a maximum of 6 players and a minimum of 2 players. That said, the more players, the more interesting the scenarios and decision-making may become, as more industries are fragmented among multiple players and a trade or acquisition may more likely take place.

Great question – this depends! This depends on a variety of factors, including the number of players, the path chosen, and the successful outcome chosen for a winning player. In regards to those last two (path chosen and winning outcome), those are two additional pieces of variability that players have the option to decide upon. Players can opt for a more or less challenging game, and a shorter or longer game, depending on which path around the board they decide to take and which winning outcome they agree upon before beginning the game. That said, the game will likely last most players a few hours.