“I joined Beta Bowl as a team with two of my classmates. We’ve worked together and won multiple startup competitions before, but through Beta Bowl we learned so much about entrepreneurship that we didn’t know going into the program. We ended up creating a company in the pet health and tech space, and once we prove our concept, we plan to move beyond pet health into other service areas. We also have friends who participated in other startup programs at universities that were a lot more expensive, and in comparison, I think we got even more out of Beta Bowl than our friends did from those other programs.”
– Arun E., High School Senior
“The calls are really helpful, especially the 1-on-1 guidance. The group calls are also helpful to get feedback from other peers. I was looking for a program like this, and some of the comparable ones were $8k or more, so Beta Bowl was a no-brainer. I think Beta Bowl is great as an extracurricular, but it’s also really cool that we come away with a real business. Since I still have time before I apply to colleges, I plan to expand my business beyond the program, so I’m starting to approach universities and college students about my offer, since my business is geared towards students on college campuses.”
– Zaid A., High School Sophomore